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An Australian back pain trial using FlexEze Heat wraps as part of a clinical care model including education, reassurance, simple analgesia and physical therapy leads to a reduction in prescription pain killer use for acute back pain patients in four major NSW hospitals.

Why Choose FlexEze?

  • 12 Hours Pain Relief

    FlexEze Heat Wraps are Air-activated, providing up to 12 hours of heat therapy. Clinically proven back pain relief.

    FlexEze targets the site of back pain, relaxing tight muscles and increasing local blood flow.

  • Stay Active, Promote Recovery

    FlexEze Heat Wraps are long lasting, lightweight and convenient - helping you stay active.

    FlexEze are designed to bend and flex as you move.  Our unique Heat Wraps are easily re-positioned for maximum comfort.

  • Eco-Friendly Ingredients

    FlexEze contains safe, eco-friendly ingredients. Iron powder, charcoal, salt and vermiculite. 

    We encourage our customers to take care of the environment. Empty FlexEze Heat Patch contents into your garden, to act as a soil improver.

  • Evidence-Based

    FlexEze is Australia's market-leading Heat Wrap.

    FlexEze is Australian owned by healthcare professionals and is a TGA registered medical device ARTG #209075.

What do our customers think?

"I have been using FlexEze, heat wraps for the past 3 years for acute, and chronic low back pain as well as other musculoskeletal injuries. FlexEze has genuinely transformed my patient satisfaction rate. The pain and movement restrictions are under control much faster. It is prescription pain killer-sparing and enables patients to enjoy life again.

Clinically the heat wrap works best as an “add-on” to regular therapy with 12 hours of continuous low-level heat. Heat wraps are now recommended for acute and Chronic low back pain Freiwald J et al (2018), NPS Medicine Wise (2016. Acute low back pain guidelines).

Moreover, the content of FlexEze heat patches can be disposed of into the garden to act as a soil improver, so it is a win-win product."

Jorgen has co-ordinated the Pain Management Program at St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation for 16 years. He now runs his own private practice Select Physio, Pain and Wellness Clinic as well as teaches dry needling courses Australia-wide. He has trainer over 5000 health practitioners in dry Needling.

I recently used FlexEze Heat Wrap during labour and birth of our second baby after a great experience using it with the birth of our first baby.
FlexEze allowed me to remain mobile while in the early stages of labour at home and was easy to remove and reapply when periodically using the shower for pain relief. It also provided soothing warmth during the car ride to hospital.
When we arrived at birth suite, baby required CTG monitoring. The midwives were having difficulty securing the sensors to get a clear reading of baby's heart rate but were able to get creative with the velcro of the FlexEze Heat Wrap, which they wrapped over the sensors to secure them in place.
With the help of FlexEzE and staying active and upright during labour, I was able to achieve a non-medicated physiological birth. They were also really comforting during my early postpartum recovery.
I highly recommend to anyone preparing for the birth of their baby to add some FlexEze Heat Wraps and Patches to their hospital bag.

Thank you for a wonderful product. My wife was using these in hospital and is finding great relief for her post spinal surgery pain. I contacted FlexEze directly before my wife returned home and your team were able arrange for express postage to ensure our order arrived to our home in time.

My wife especially wants to thank you for your kindness and to let you know she has used many different types of heat packs. She has found that FlexEze has, totally by far, given her the most relief while still being comfortable. She plans on sharing them with her father who has hip & shoulder pain and her brother-in-law who has lower back pain.


Thank you again!

“Not only is FlexEze effective for treatment of muscle aches and back pain, as an actor working long cold nights during winter, FlexEze heat patches are a godsend when it comes to keeping me warm between takes, unlike other heat patches, FlexEze stay warm for a good 12 hours – an excellent thing when constantly changing costumes.


I am 85 and have had three lower back surgeries. As a retired pharmacist having what has been described as a “rotten” and “terrible” back (featuring two broken Titanium screws) by orthopaedic surgeons I have been on prescription drugs for years with the instruction to: “Keep taking pain relief and Don’t Stop Playing Golf!”

Up until late October I have taken strong prescription pain killers. Scared stiff of dependence. After the last op some years ago I left hospital addicted - and it wasn’t nice. AND I COULDN’T PLAY GOLF WITHOUT DRUGS! Determined and difficult abstinence got me through it.

Five weeks ago my GP said: “The leading back specialists in Sydney are getting good results with FlexEze, a heat pack for pain. I have a few patients who tried it with success. It is only available on the internet.”

Googled it. Dubiously sent for a trial pack for $17 including a belt.

WOW! Ordered more and HAVE NOT NEEDED PRESCRIPTION DRUGS TO PLAY 18 HOLES (IN A CART) SINCE! Panadol, then half way round one NoDoz (Caffeine equal to a cup of coffee and an analgesic).

Can’t be sure it would suit everyone as there are different causes of back pain. But certainly worth a try for $17.

I suppose the downside is that the drugs relieve ALL the pain, shoulder, knee, hip etc. but I am now free of taking very strong prescription pain killers.

And I certainly don’t have shares in the manufacturers.

Hope it might work for you too. Ethically, “the first concern should be the welfare of the patient”.

“I have been wearing the FlexEze wrap with the heat patch, and find it very soothing. Like you said it wont fix my injury, but it is a great pain management tool. I love the idea I can do something to help ease my pain without taking more drugs. The wrap is very comfortable, and has become almost like a security blanket for me. Before I had to lay down with my heat bag, the wrap allows me to be more mobile, which is excellent.Thank you, I would recommend this product.”

FlexEze is also great for..


FlexEze promotes local blood flow and provides soothing relief for back pain and stiffness that can often occur with long periods of sitting during travel.

Knees, Wrists, Elbows

FlexEze Heat Wraps are perfect for painful joints such as knees, wrists or elbows, providing relief of joint and muscle stiffness.

Pelvic Pain

FlexEze Heat Wraps fit comfortably under clothing. Ideal for easing pelvic pain and period cramping.

FlexEze Heat Wraps

FlexEze provides up to 12 hours of continuous low-level heat. Evidence based relief that helps you Move with Eze.

Heat & Motion

The ability to stay active whilst delivering low level heat to the lower back has been demonstrated in multiple randomised control trials to reduce back pain and promote recovery. Heat Wraps are recommended in low back pain treatment guidelines and FlexEze Heat Wraps are the only brand trusted in major hospitals and rehabilitation units throughout Australia.

  • Flexible Active Pain Relief

    FlexEze is designed to bend and flex as you move for maximum comfort.  FlexEze Heat Wraps keep you staying active and are easily re-positioned.

  • Evidence-Based

    FlexEze Heat Wraps have been used in clinical trials and clinically proven as effective as paracetamol for back pain.

    FlexEze Heat Patch and Heat Wraps - Clinically Proven Pain Relief.
  • Australian Owned

    FlexEze is proudly Australian owned and developed by Australian health professionals committed to providing drug free solutions for back pain.

    Available at Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and Good Price Pharmacy.

    FlexEze Heat Patch and Heat Wraps - Clinically Proven Back Pain Relief.

FlexEze Professional Range

The FlexEze Professional Range of Heat Wraps and Heat Patches are designed for health professionals. All professional packs fold to become counter display boxes.

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