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What are Heat Wraps?

Heat Wraps are an essential recommendation by clinical care standards for low back pain recently released to guide all Australian clinicians in the best practice management for low back pain.

Clinical care guidelines recommend non-pharmacological approaches as first-line treatment for low back pain with less reliance on pain medications and imaging.

Low Back Pain Clinical Care Standard (2022) recommends staying active and easing back pain with heat in the form of Heat Wraps.

Heat Wraps provide a specific form of heat and differ from other heat products such as wheat bags, heat creams, heat packs, and hot water bottles.

What are the advantages of Heat Wraps?

The main advantage of Heat Wraps is that they allow you to stay active and promote movement due to their lightweight and flexible design. This is important to aid recovery from low back pain. The convenience to remove and reapply when required without disrupting heat production is a further advantage of Heat Wraps.

FlexEze Heat Wraps deliver a low level of continuous heat for up to 12 hours which differentiates from other heat delivery such as wheat bags which are high temperatures for a shorter time and require constant reheating. Unlike Heat Wraps, these are not practical to use without sitting or lying, which the guideline evidence recommends against.

FlexEze Heat Wraps combine evidence-based low-level continuous heat and movement to promote faster recovery from low back pain as recommended in Australia’s clinical care standards 2022.

How do FlexEze Heat Wraps differ?

Heat Wraps are designed to produce continuous low-level heat above 40 degrees Celsius for up to 12 hours.  Continuous level-low heat wrap therapy is the most researched and evidence-based form of heat delivery.

How do FlexEze Heat Wraps produce heat?

FlexEze Heat Wraps contain iron powder, salt, charcoal, and mineral vermiculite. When exposed to air, these eco-friendly ingredients begin to heat by oxidising iron powder to release heat called an exothermic reaction.

Woman running with FlexEze Heat Wrap positioned around lower back to relieve back pain.