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Heat Wraps - A Trusted Solution for Acute Low Back Pain in Emergency Departments

Heat Wraps - A Trusted Solution for Acute Low Back Pain in Emergency Departments

Dealing with acute low back pain can be a challenge, both for patients seeking relief and healthcare providers aiming to manage pain effectively. In emergency departments across Australia, the need for evidence-based solutions has led to the widespread adoption of FlexEze Heat Wraps as a first-line treatment against low back pain. Let's delve into why FlexEze Heat Wraps are trusted by major Australian hospitals.

The Challenge of Acute Low Back Pain:

Acute low back pain is a common reason for emergency department visits. Patients often present with discomfort and seek immediate relief. Traditional approaches have often involved the use of pain medications, including opioids. However, the opioid epidemic has prompted a shift towards non-pharmacological interventions that are safe, effective, and evidence-based. 

An Evidence-Based Approach:

FlexEze Heat Wraps have emerged as a reliable solution in the management of acute low back pain. Trusted by major Australian hospitals, these heat wraps offer a non-invasive, drug-free option that aligns with the evidence-based guidelines outlined in Australia's clinical care standard for low back pain. 

Recommended in Australia’s Clinical Care Standard for Low Back Pain:

Developed by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health CareThe Clinical Care Standard for Low Back Pain serves as a guide for healthcare practitioners, offering a clear pathway to assist patients in the early management of low back pain episodes, thereby minimising the risk of persistent issues. Widely endorsed, this standard is supported by numerous clinical groups advocating for a unified, evidence-based approach to addressing low back pain.

The standard recognises the benefits of Heat Wraps and physical activity, with continuous low-level heat wrap therapy standing out as the most researched and evidence-based form of heat delivery.  

The key advantage of Heat Wraps lies in their lightweight and flexible design, allowing users to stay active and promote movement. Additionally, the convenience of removing and reapplying without disrupting heat production further underscores the advantages of Heat Wraps.

How FlexEze Heat Wrap Works: 

FlexEze Heat Wraps leverage the therapeutic benefits of heat therapy, a well-established method for alleviating muscle tension and promoting blood circulation. Applied directly to the affected area, heat wraps provide targeted warmth that helps relax muscles, reduce stiffness, and ease the discomfort associated with acute low back pain.

Reducing Reliance on Prescription Pain Killers:

One of the critical advantages of incorporating Heat Wraps in emergency departments is the potential to reduce the reliance on prescription pain medications. With some prescription pain killers having devastating impacts in the community, healthcare providers are seeking alternative, non-addictive solutions. FlexEze offers a safe and effective option, allowing patients to manage their pain without the risk of complications. 

An Australian-Owned Solution:

At the core of FlexEze's success is its unique identity as 100% Australian-owned and operated. Founded and managed by healthcare professionals with decades of experience in treating low back pain, FlexEze Heat Wraps embody a commitment to excellence in pain management. The company's roots in the Australian healthcare landscape ensure that the products are designed with a deep understanding of the needs of patients and the demands of healthcare providers. 

FlexEze not only prioritizes effective pain relief but also demonstrates a commitment to broader health initiatives. In support of the Australian Physiotherapy Research Foundation, FlexEze contributes to the advancement of research and advocacy in the field of musculoskeletal health. This commitment reflects FlexEze's dedication to improving the lives of individuals dealing with musculoskeletal conditions and emphasising a holistic approach to wellbeing.

Crucially, FlexEze Heat Wrap's status as a TGA registered medical device (ARTG #209075) underscores its compliance with rigorous Australian standards for safety and efficacy. This designation provides both healthcare professionals and consumers with confidence in the product's reliability and its adherence to the highest regulatory standards.

In the dynamic landscape of emergency department care for acute low back pain, FlexEze Heat Wraps have emerged as a trusted and evidence-based first-line treatment. As major Australian hospitals continue to prioritise non-pharmacological interventions, FlexEze Heat Wrap stands out as a reliable option, providing relief to patients and contributing to a safer, more sustainable approach to pain management.

7 Tips for Exercising with Low Back Pain

7 Tips for Exercising with Low Back Pain

Dealing with low back pain can be a challenging and often frustrating experience, especially when you're determined to stay active and healthy. However, it's important to remember that exercise can be a valuable tool in managing and even alleviating low back pain. To help you on your journey to recovery and fitness, we've put together seven essential tips for exercising with low back pain. 

1. Personalised Exercise Programs

The first step in effectively managing low back pain through exercise is to create a program tailored to your specific needs. This program should consider your physical activity preferences, beliefs, and functional impairments. One size does not fit all, so consulting with a healthcare professional can help you design a program that works best for you.

2. A Holistic Approach

A comprehensive exercise program for low back pain should include three key components: stretching, strengthening, and aerobic exercises. These exercises should be functionally oriented, meaning they mimic the movements and activities you perform in daily life.

3. Start Gently

Begin your exercise regimen with gentle movements that encourage your spine to move within its normal range. Water-based walking, land-based walking, gentle swimming, and floor stretches are excellent choices. These low-impact activities help you ease into your routine.

4. Gradual Progression

When exercising with low back pain, it's crucial to focus on the duration of your activity rather than the pain experienced. Start with shorter sessions and gradually increase your exercise time as your tolerance improves. This approach allows your body to adapt at its own pace. 

5. Functional Exercises

Functional exercises, such as squats, lunges, and step-ups, are introduced to encourage the activation of large muscle groups. These movements help improve your core strength and stability, alleviating low back pain.

6. Enjoyable Activities

Incorporating exercises you enjoy is essential for long-term adherence. Activities like yoga, Pilates, walking, and cycling can be gradually introduced into your routine. Begin with 15-20 minute sessions and progressively increase the duration as your fitness level improves.

7. Dynamic and High-Load Exercises

As you progress in your rehabilitation, consider incorporating more dynamic and higher-load exercises into your routine. These advanced exercises can help you regain strength, stability, and flexibility in your lower back.

    Throughout your journey to recovery, heat wraps can play a pivotal role. Heat wraps encourage you to stay mobile by lowering the pain threshold that may hinder your daily activities. The continuous, low-level heat promotes movement and accelerates the low back pain recovery process.

    In conclusion, exercising with low back pain is not only possible but can also be highly beneficial. By individualising your exercise program, focusing on gentle and progressive movements, and incorporating enjoyable activities, you can manage your low back pain effectively and work towards a pain-free, active life. 

    Remember, always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any exercise program, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

    Discover Relief with FlexEze Heat Wraps: Tips for Effective Heat Therapy for Back Pain

    Are you tired of dealing with persistent low back pain that hampers your daily activities and quality of life? You're not alone. Low back pain affects a substantial number of people, but the good news is that most episodes can resolve within a few weeks with the right approach. 

    Staying active is crucial for your recovery, and heat therapy can be the ally you need to keep moving. That's where FlexEze Heat Wraps come to the rescue, reducing the barrier to movement to promote recovery.

    In this blog post, we'll explore how heat therapy can alleviate back pain and offer you essential tips for using it effectively.

    Understanding the Benefits of Heat Therapy

    Heat therapy is a simple yet effective method for managing low back pain. By applying heat to the affected area, you can experience a range of benefits that contribute to your overall comfort and mobility. Here's how it works:

    Improved Blood Flow
    Heat promotes increased blood circulation to the targeted area, delivering essential nutrients and oxygen to help the muscles heal and reduce pain.

    Muscle Relaxation
    Applying heat helps relax tense muscles, thereby enhancing your ability to move more freely and comfortably.
    You can read more about the science of heat therapy here.

    Getting Started with Heat Therapy

    FlexEze Heat Wraps offer a convenient and hassle-free way to enjoy the benefits of heat therapy. Here are some valuable tips to maximise your experience:

    Target the Pain
    Apply the heat wrap directly over the area where you're experiencing pain or discomfort for targeted relief.

    Choose Your Heat Source
    Heat therapy comes in various forms, including heat wraps, wheat bags and hot water bottles. FlexEze Heat Wrap delivers a sustained temperature above 40 degrees for approximately 12-15 hours, which is around 20 times longer than wheat bags or hot water bottles!

    This is ideally suited for prolonged application where maximum delivery of heat can be applied whilst movement is maintained throughout the day. The obvious benefit over other forms of heat therapy is the convenience and portability with minimal disruption to your daily routine. FlexEze Heat Wraps are long lasting, lightweight and comfortable.

    Use heat therapy as needed, especially after activities that exacerbate your pain. Allow your skin to return to its normal temperature before applying heat again.

    Safety First
    While heat therapy is generally safe, a few precautions are necessary. Check for any skin reddening after use, which should fade. If you have reduced sensation, consult a medical professional before using heat therapy. Always follow instructions.


    If you're tired of letting back pain control your life, it's time to consider the wonders of heat therapy. With FlexEze Heat Wraps, you have a reliable companion to help you manage pain, improve blood flow, and enhance muscle relaxation. 

    However, if your pain persists beyond six weeks or you have any concerns, don't hesitate to consult your doctor. For effective and convenient heat therapy, explore the benefits of FlexEze Heat Wraps and experience the comfort and relief they provide. Your journey to a pain-free life starts here.