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FlexEze Heat Wrap was designed and developed by health professionals who after treating back pain patients for over 25 years was looking for a way to keep patients moving whilst they received the benefits of heat.

Today our Heat Wraps are used in major hospital departments, aged care facilities and by health professionals nationwide to bring the benefits of low level heat to thousands of people every day.

Our Products

FlexEze Heat Wrap

FlexEze is Australia's market-leading Heat Wrap and is a TGA registered medical device ARTG #209075.

FlexEze Heat Wrap consists of two air-activated FlexEze Heat Patches inserted into a soft and flexible one size fits most Body Wrap.

Designed to bend and flex as you move, FlexEze Heat Wrap fits comfortably and discreetly under clothing to help keep you moving and promote recovery.

FlexEze Heat Wrap provides 12 hours of continuous low level heat - clinically proven for the relief of back pain.

FlexEze Heat Wrap is also ideal for:
✓ Muscle pain and stiffness in knees, wrists and elbows
✓ Cramping associated with menstruation and painful pelvic conditions
✓ Pregnancy back aches, uterine contractions and providing warmth postpartum

FlexEze Hand Warmers

FlexEze provides high quality Hand Warmers that are endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Osteopathy Australia.
FlexEze Hand Warmers are perfect for keeping warm and cosy and can also provide relief for those suffering from stiffness in their hands by promoting local blood flow

FlexEze Heat Patches and Hand Warmers contain safe, eco-friendly ingredients - iron powder, charcoal, salt and vermiculite. Once Heat Patch or Hand Warmers have gone cold after use, you can dispose of thoughtfully by opening packet and dispersing contents into soil where it acts as a soil conditioner.

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