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FlexEze Hand Warmers 40 Pack

FlexEze Hand Warmers 40 Pack

FlexEze Hand Warmers 40 Pack


Keep the chill at bay with our Flexeze Hand Warmers Bulk Value Carton – 240 Hand Warmers packed with warmth, offering unbeatable value for those who never want to be without toasty hands.

Experience warmth wherever you go with FlexEze Hand Warmers, your ultimate companion for cold weather adventures. Whether you're hitting the slopes, braving the great outdoors, playing a round of golf or simply tackling your daily commute, FlexEze Hand Warmers ensure you stay warm and comfortable throughout the day.

Don't let cold hands slow you down! FlexEze Hand Warmers provide continuous warmth, enhancing your grip, agility, and overall comfort. Say goodbye to stiff fingers and hello to improved dexterity, allowing you to perform tasks with precision, even in chilly conditions. 

Endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association, FlexEze Hand Warmers are trusted by professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Don't let cold hands hold you back. Order your FlexEze Hand Warmers today and experience the difference!

Why Choose FlexEze?

  • 100% Australian Family Owned Premium Hand Warmers 
  • Average Temperature of 57°C for 10 Hours 
  • Air activated, odourless and comfortable 
  • Endorsed by Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Environmentally friendly ingredients that can be used as a soil conditioner for your garden after use.

Box Contains 40 Individually Wrapped Hand Warmers (20 Pairs)
Box folds to become a convenient counter top display